Peggy Levitt sociologist, author and professor




2014 Books, Bodies, and Bronzes: Comparing Sites of Global Citizenship Creation. With Pál Nyiri. Editor of special volume of Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol 37(12). DOWNLOAD


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2013 “Moving toward Reform? Mobility, Health, and Development in the Context of Neoliberalism.” (With N. Rajaram). Migration Studies 1(3):338-362. DOWNLOAD

2012 “What’s Wrong with Migration Scholarship? A Critique and a Way Forward.” Identities, 1:1-8. DOWNLOAD

2012 “The Bog and the Beast: Museums, the Nation, and the World.” Ethnologia Scandinavica 22: 29-49. DOWNLOAD

2012 “Rethinking Immigrant Context of Reception: The Cultural Armature of Cities.” With Wendy Cadge, Sara Curran, and Nadya Jaworsky. Nordic Journal of Migration and Ethnicity, 2(1): 78-88. DOWNLOAD

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