Peggy Levitt sociologist, author and professor

Invited Lectures & CONFERENCE PAPERS


“Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display.”
American University of Cairo, Pomona College, April 2015.

“Global Social Protection: How People are Protected and Provided For
Outside the Framework of the Nation-State.”
Duke University, April 2015.

“Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display.”
American University of Cairo, March 2015.

“Migrating People, Migrating Culture: Concepts, Methods, and Directions Forward”
American University of Cairo, March 2015.

“Nations Unbound: Reflections and Directions”
Vrije University, Amsterdam, October 2014.

“Global Social Protection: Social Welfare Outside the Nation State Box”
International Migration Institute, Oxford University, June 2014.

“The Bog and the Beast: Museums, the Nation, and the World”
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University, June 2014. 

“Arabia and the East: Putting the Nation and the World on Display in Singapore and Qatar.”
St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University, June 2014. 

“Conceptualizing Culture in Motion: Methods, Results, and Steps Forward”
Arizona State University, February, 2014.

Keynote Speaker. “Migrating People, Migrating Culture: Concepts, Methods, and Findings.”
Maastricht University Center for Citizenship, Migration, and Development Inauguration, January 2014.

“Old Habits Die Hard: Locality and Change at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts”
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, November 2013.

“Religion en Moción: Conceptos, Methodos, and Direcciones para el Futuro.”
Colegio de Jalisco y CIESAS, Guadalajara, Mexico. August, 2013.

“Religion on the Edge: Recentering and Decentering the Sociology of Religion”
Beer Sheva University, Israel, May 2013.

“Bodies, Bronzes, and Broadcasts: Sites of Global Citizenship Creation?”
Aarhus University, May 2013.

“Migration Studies: The State-of-the Art and Future Directions” 
University of Lisbon, April 2013.

“Migrating People, Migrating Culture”
Northwestern University, Qatar, March 2013.

“Religion on the Move”
University of Qatar, March 2013.

“The Bog and the Beast: Museums and Citizenship Creation in the U.S.”
Princeton University, December 2012.

“Investigando las religiones que cruzcan fronteras.”
University of Cuernavaca, Mexico, October 2012.

“The Bog and the Beast: Museums, the Nation, and the World.”
CERI/Sciences-Po, Paris, France, May, 2012.

“What’s Wrong with Migration Studies? A Critique and Way Forward”
University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 2012.

“Reform Through Return? Migration and Development in India and China.”
South Asian Studies Initiative, Harvard University, April 2012.


“Work and Welfare in a Diverse and Mobile World” 
Migration Working Group, European University Institute, May 2015. 

“Doha and the Creation of Arab Global Citizens?”
Canada Seminar: National Identity and Cultural Diversity Workshop, Harvard University, May 2015. 

Keynote Speaker. “Social Remittances: The Next Generation of Scholarship”
Social Remittances and Social Change Conference, University of Warsaw, January 2015. 

Keynote Speaker. “Social Remittances and the Social Sciences: Making the Link.”
Following the Flows: Transnational Approaches to Intangible Transfers, Princeton University, September 2014.

Keynote Speaker. “Social Remittances: Old and New Challenges”
Social Remittances in Theory and Practice Conference, Humboldt University, Berlin, September 2014. 

Keynote Speaker. “Books and Bronzes: Just What Kind of Citizens do Museums and Universities Create?”
IRIS Conference on Superdiversity, University of Birmingham, England, June 2014. 

Keynote Speaker. “Migrating People, Migrating Culture: Lessons from the Latin American Context.”
Founding conference on Latin American and Caribbean Migration and Diasporas Programme, Oxford University, June 2014. 

“Criándose Através de Fronteras: Cómo la Migración Desafía la Niñez y la Vida Familiar.”
Encuentro de Infancias Migrantes, Universidad de Santiago, Chile, May 2014. 

“Transnational Approaches to Ethnicity and Migration” 
Radcliffe Institute Inaugural EMR workshop, Harvard University, October 2013. 

“Transnational Family Life and New Social Contracts.”
Aarhus University, May 2013.

“Social Remittances—Who Wins/Who Loses?”
Social and Knowledge Remittances, Miami Dade College, December 2012. 

“Creating Citizens in Singapore: The Role of Cultural Institutions.”
Making the Intercultural City, Universitá luav di Venezia, November 2012.