Peggy Levitt sociologist, author and professor



“DeCentering and Recentering Knowledge Production”
Yonsei University, Humanities Institute, (February 2019); ASIL, Beirut-based anthropology working group, (October 2018). 

“Move Over, Mona Lisa. Move Over, Jane Eyre” and related topics
MARKK (Museum of Ethnology), Hamburg, Germany (April 2019); Curators Salon, Seoul, South Korea (February 2019); Oriental Institute of Beirut (October 2018).

“Artifacts and Allegiances(beginning in 2015)
Pomona College (April 2015), National University of Singapore (January 2016), Singapore Art Fair (January 2016), CUNY (Feb. 2016), Columbia University (April 2016), Stonybrook University (April 2016), University of San Francisco (April 2016), Copenhagen University (June 2016), Malmo University, (September 2016), National Museum of Helsinki (October 2017), University of Dresden (October 2017), University of Oslo (October 2017), CIEASAS (Guadalajara, Mexico/December 2016), Geffrye Museum in London (March 2017), University of Zagreb (March 2017), University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee (April 2017), POLIN Museum, Warsaw (June 2017), City Museum of Vienna (December 2017). 

“Transnational Social Protection: Setting the Agenda”  
University of Trento (April 2019), University of Osnabruck (April 2019), Duke University (April 2015), National University of Singapore (January 2016), University of Barcelona (June 2016), CIESAS (Guadalajara, Mexico – December 2016), Lebanese American University (January 2017), Queen Mary University of London (March 2017), University of Zagreb (March 2017), University of Warsaw (June 2017), Tel Aviv University (June 2017). 


“Decentering and Recentering Knowledge Production, Dissemination, and Activism.” 
Ecotones Conference, Manhattanville College, June 2019

“Transnational Social Protection: Moving Forward the Agenda”
International Metropolis Conference, Sydney, Australia, November 2019

“Embracing More Inclusive Ways of Producing, Disseminating, and Acting upon Knowledge”
Framing the Global Conference, Indiana University, September 2018.


“Explaining Variations in Scale-Shifting: The Role of Spatiality, Topography, and Infrastructure in Global Literary Fields”
American Sociological Association, August 2019. 

“Transnational Social Protection: Lessons from the Education and Labor Sectors”
American Sociological Association, August 2019. 

“Just How Global is Art History?”
College Art Association, Los Angeles, February 2018

“Nations Unbound Revisited”
American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC, November 2016. 

“Artifacts and Allegiances: The Role of Museum in Diversity Building.”
College Art Association, Washington, DC, March 2016.