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Discussion with Peggy and others about their project submission to The Next Helsinki

December 17 2016

The transcript of a moderated conversation between Peggy Levitt, Joanna Warsza, and Hanna Snellman is now available. Recorded during Peggy’s visit to Helsinki in September for Finland’s Museum Theme Days 2016, the discussion focused on museums, nations, and migrants and can be found on The Next Helsinki blog

The Next Helsinki is an international competition seeking for innovative ideas to the improvement of the cultural and public space of Helsinki. Launched as an alternative to the controversial Guggenheim Helsinki project, the Next Helsinki has called upon architects, urbanists, artists, and environmentalists to imagine how Helsinki and the South Harbor site allotted to the proposed museum can be transformed for the maximum benefit of the city’s residents and visitors.

Enough Jane Eyre—it’s time to move to a truly global canon

October 27 2016

Peggy comments on the narrowness and persistence of an English language-centric literary canon in the U.S. in an Op-Ed for the National Review of Books. She calls for a serious reexamination of the list of books that have been taught for generations, noting that few of the books receiving the prestige of a major literary prize are written in non-Western languages. Read it here

New book recommended in the New York Times

October 29 2015

In a recent article in the New York Times, Holland Cotter asks us to think about what museums should look like in the 21st century. His comments give voice to concerns shared in Levitt's Allegiances and Artifacts, the book he recommends in the article, ”Toward a Museum of the 21st Century.”