Peggy Levitt sociologist, author and professor


(with Jocelyn Viterna, Armin Mueller, Charlotte Lloyd, Erica Dobbs, and Sonia Parella) 

Many people live transnational lives, but the social contract that serves them is not. When people live, work, raise families, and care for elderly relatives in multiple places at the same time, what kinds of new institutional arrangements and policies are emerging to protect and provide for them? Who do they serve and who gets left out? The Transnational Studies Initiative held an international workshop in February 2015, funded by the Radcliffe Institute, where a small group met to frame a research agenda, specify methods to carry it out, and discuss preliminary research findings. These articles will be published in a special volume of Oxford Development Studies (co-edited with Jocelyn Viterna, Armin Mueller, and Charlotte Lloyd). I am also working on a research project that compares the resource environments of Moroccans in Spain with Mexicans and the United States and looks at health coverage for Ecuadorans and Bolivians in New York and Florida compared with their counterparts in Barcelona and Madrid (with Sonia Parella and Erica Dobbs).